Join us on a round-the-world-trip discovering various (financial) cultures. Where do Open Banking activities already exist and why?

  • Definition of Open Banking
  • New customer needs, new technologies, increasing competition and other drivers
  • Open Banking status in Europe, Switzerland, America, Africa, Asia, Arabia, New Zealand and Australia
  • From platforms to ecoystems


Laws and regulations contribute to equal competitor surroundings and create a necessary frame for Open Banking developments. Several countries have formed the regulatory basis for opening up systems and sharing bank data – a first step towards Open Banking.
Sample: Germany and other EU countries



Historically, banks have been more cautious and conservative in responding to market changes. Open Banking creates new rules for the game. Lower entrance barriers for challenger banks as well as FinTechs increase competition and force incumbents to differentiate with unique offerings. Sample: UK with the CMA9.



The networking of value chains, and the emergence of new platforms which are aligned to holistic customer processes, have mostly produced one technical concept: API platforms with microservices. Easy-to-understand REST APIs provide easy access for a variety of partners increasing the banks‘ innovative power without the need to change legacy systems fundamentally. Sample: Switzerland.



M-Pesa and WeChat have impressively demonstrated the result of banks underestimating the needs of the population. These Telco companies took over the lead on financial industry years ago and (at least partly) pushed banks out of the market. Connected banking is their chance to get back in. Sample: China and Kenia.

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ndgit Open Banking Platform

Nowadays Financial Services happen where ever users want it or need it – mobile, in cars, in stores, at marketplaces… a development which isn’t easy to cover inhouse by banks.

ndgit is a technology-driven company that delivers leading-edge API technology for FSI. Our Platform connects banks and digital companies. With our key technology enabling new digital business models we are driving the future of financial services.

The flexible middleware opens backend systems and connects the core banking system to best-of-breed FinTech APIs.

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